Woodland Walks and Sculpture Garden


Welcome to Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country House Hotel, an enchanting retreat nestled amidst breathtaking gardens that offer a serene escape from the everyday hustle. Our historic hotel invites you to experience the beauty and tranquility of our meticulously maintained grounds, where each visit promises a unique and memorable journey.

Explore Our Enchanting Gardens

Wander through our magnificent gardens, where nature's artistry is showcased in every corner. Over the years, our gardens have been lovingly transformed with new plants, exquisite sculptures, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. One of the highlights is our enchanting walled garden, featuring a mesmerising Laburnum arch. As you meander through, keep an eye out for the Victorian/Edwardian Bath and the old well, perfect for a tranquil moment of reflection.

Our gardens boast a diverse collection of flora, including the delicate snowdrop wood, a wide variety of conifers, and a magnificent specimen of the Pittosporum 'Tom Thumb'. These botanical wonders provide a picturesque backdrop for your stay, ensuring you are surrounded by natural beauty at every turn.

Woodland Walks and Seasonal Splendor

One of the most beloved features of Tre-Ysgawen Hall is our delightful woodland walk. Ideal for a leisurely pre-lunch or post-dinner stroll, this scenic path invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. As you explore, you'll encounter the charming pet cemetery and the vibrant bluebell and daffodil woods, which burst into a riot of color each spring. These seasonal displays are a testament to the ever-changing beauty of our gardens, offering a new experience with every visit.

A Journey Through Art and Nature

Our gardens are not just a haven for plant enthusiasts but also a canvas for captivating sculptures. Among the many artworks, you'll find the graceful 'Lady' by Jue-Hua Liu Böckli in the lower front garden and the intriguing 'Encounter' tall wooden men in the secret garden. On the front lawn, marvel at the striking 'G' Polaris sculpture by Hsousi Knecht, who also created the elegant Harpe D'eau and the stunning 'Silver Spirit' in the Clocktower courtyard.

One of our latest additions is 'IDEAS' by Simon Gudgeon, a leading contemporary sculptor known for his minimalist, semi-abstract forms that capture movement and emotion. Gudgeon's work seamlessly blends spirit and nature, creating a visual harmony that enhances the serene ambiance of our gardens.

Discover More at Tre-Ysgawen Hall

While staying with us, we encourage you to explore beyond our gardens. A visit to the nearby Bangor Museum is a must, where you can see the historic Bishop’s Wife’s Stone, originally part of our own garden.

To truly appreciate the splendor of Tre-Ysgawen Hall, we invite you to browse through our gallery section, where you can find more images of our beautiful gardens and sculptures.

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Experience the timeless elegance and natural beauty of Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country House Hotel. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat, a romantic getaway, or a nature-inspired adventure, our hotel offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable stay.

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