Experience something new

Thermal Suite

Our new thermal suite comprises an Experience Shower, Herbal Essences for the Sauna, an Ice Fountain and probably the most exciting of all – the Salt Inhalation Therapy Room.

Replacing the spas steam room, the principles of salt inhalation are based upon the health benefits of a walk along the coast, breathing the ozone rich salty sea air. Anyone working with computer screens, or generally in offices surrounded by electrical equipment all day will be subjected to positive ions. Positive ions can induce headaches, migraines and feelings of lethargy. Salt vapour produces negative ions, which help to counteract these effects leaving you feeling invigorated. Our salt inhalation room will release particles of Anglesey Sea Salt – only the best will do!

The focus behind the thermal suite is an area with a variety of experiences that are soothing and balancing but at the same time detoxifying and invigorating. The herbal sauna is designed to enliven the senses by using aromatic essences which can change daily or with the seasons. It is also a wonderful treat to enjoy before or after a massage or spa treatment.

The experience shower allows you to choose between a gentle mist setting with colour therapy to create a cooling and refreshing experience. The second is the Caribbean Rain experience and the final one a monsoon shower. Each experience includes aromas and lighting to further enhance the mood created.Amongst all of this is the ice fountain – an opportunity for you to cool the body with ice flakes after a steam or sauna experience. The health benefits of going between hot and cool experiences are numerous and as well as helping to eliminate toxins, clear the sinuses and hydrate the skin, the circulation is given a boost.

Our spa members are able to enjoy these new experiences during each visit and they are complimentary for guests of the hotel too.